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Many homeowners wonder if it’s worth it to invest in WiFi or Smart Thermostats and which is the best option. Both options are actually quite beneficial and will save you money on your utility bills. These thermostats are especially convenient to have installed at home because they grant you remote access to the temperature control settings at home since they are connected to your home WiFi system. You can conveniently use a smart app on your WiFi-connected devices such as your phone, tablet, or iPad and make any adjustments as needed to save money with your energy use at home.

WiFi and Smart Thermostats from JES Heating & Cooling Inc.

WiFi thermostats are very user-friendly and you can adjust your HVAC system as needed no matter where you happen to be, so long as you have an internet connection. These devices are especially convenient for people who commonly adjust their temperature settings and don’t like to deal with complicated options. Smart thermostats are a little bit difficult to navigate when you get started, so you have to learn about the different features. You have very advanced options such as geofencing, learning mode, analysis of your energy usage, and updates about when to change your air filters or acquire HVAC maintenance. Learning mode is convenient since you never have to program your smart thermostat, it will learn your preferred settings and schedule based on your settings. Geofencing is a nice feature as it will put your HVAC in energy-saving mode or turn it off when there is nobody home. The smart thermostat can also work with smart appliances such as smart curtains or sensors in your home.

Temperature Control for Your Smart Home

If you want to learn more about WiFi & Smart Thermostats in New Windsor, Blooming Grove, Cornwall, Newburgh, and Washingtonville, NY, make sure to give the professionals at JES Heating & Cooling Inc. a call! You can reach us at 914-325-8848 or 914-572-8070 and we’ll be happy to give you a free consultation! We’ll help you determine which type of thermostat is best for you and we’ll teach you about some of the more advanced features of smart thermostats. Remember that your comfort is our priority and we look forward to working with you!

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JES was absolutely amazing! They provided excellent customer service. They spent time explaining the different options we could go with for zoned central air units. They were extremely patient and helpful with answering all the questions I had. We ended up doing one zone with new duct and vent installation. They were very efficient and very clean. They were competitively priced which was great because we checked with a number of other companies. We were provided with a very detailed proposal; they were extremely accommodating when I wanted to make some changes to what we had originally discussed. I highly recommend them. I will definitely hire JES again.


We originally called in Jes after several companies had came in to give us an evaluation for our central air units. 4 companies before we called Jes with 4 completely different answers with a cost for dealing with the issues ranged from 8 to $15,000, Eric and his brother came in and within 30 min evaluated and explained in detail the problems. They rewired the unit correctly after it was taken apart from the other groups that had looked at everything and said that they could fix the problem for $750.00, a leaking pan. I’ve since given Jes several other jobs from exchanging my home boiler to installing our ductless AC unit in our office.


JES is truly head and shoulders above all of the other HVAC contractors with whom I’ve worked. Not only are they responsive and friendly, but they show up when they say they’ll show up, they really go the extra mile when you need help in a pinch, they do great work (they replaced a central air compressor and air handler for me a few years ago and I’ve never once had a problem with the new system), and their prices are fantastic. It’s rare to find HVAC service providers who seem to go about doing what they do with integrity in mind first, but JES breaks that mold completely.


Very satisfied not just with the professionalism, performance, price point and punctuality of the family behind JES but also very satisfied with the feeling I get when I recommend them to friends, because I know they will be just as impressed.
When I first met Erick and Sanddy (installed a new furnace plus tricky new ductwork; subsequently repaired my water heater) I relied on web reviews, so now I can safely pay that forward by saying that I cannot recommend them highly enough.
If you want complete satisfaction with people you can trust, say yes to JES

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